Making A Video

How We Work



Each new video project starts out with a conversation. Whether it be over the phone, Skype, Face Time or a good old-fashioned meeting either at the studio or your offices we will have a chat. Here we will gather all the facts, find out what you want, what your end goal is, the time frame we are working to and the budget available. 


Then we will go away and plan. We’ll put together a detailed quote setting out all the different elements including:

  • an overview of your requirements
  • the style and production method to be used
  • what is included
  • what we need from you
  • a full cost breakdown
  • a timescale

Then we’ll have another conversation with you to check that everything is correct. 


Once the plan is agreed we’ll schedule in the filming and editing, along with any voice over requirements. This is the exciting bit when the project really starts to take shape.


Once the filming and editing are complete we will then upload a version of your new video to our proofing page and you can view it and feed back comments as appropriate. Once you are happy with the final product then we will create a master version and give it to you in the format you require. Don’t worry you can have more than one format if needed.

If you would like a copy of our free guide 'How to Commission a Video" then please complete your details on our contact page and request the free guide and we'll email it back to you.