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Web Video on a Budget | Client Testimonials

How to get a Web Video on a Budget.

This is a web video of the official opening of Redhill Playground in Castleford, West Yorkshire which is a great example of a case study for a client that includes customer testimonials. This is ideal to use on your web site to promote your products or even to take and show prospective clients. It was relatively easy to create and involved just one days filming and one days edit for the main video. Our client, who is a PR Agency did some of the pre work by researching and deciding on the questions to ask which meant that the budget was very reasonable for this type of video production. They also kept the editing costs down by going through a time-coded copy of the rough footage to decide on what to include in the main edit. This is obviously optional and we are happy to undertake the full edit on your behalf, just allow a bit of extra time for the editing.  If you have a product that would benefit from this type of promotion then have a look at what we do.

The Official Opening of Redhill Playground in Castleford.

We also produced some shorter product specific videos from the same day’s filming. These were used to highlight the different product ranges. Each video involved roughly 1/2 a days edit so again it kept the videos to a reasonable budget.

The Parkour Play Range.

The Mission Play Range.

For these types of videos we tend to work on our freelance rates so that the cost to you is completely transparent. Our freelance rates are available here.


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