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The Power of Video | Web Videos

The power of video! …and proof that video really works!

A few weeks ago our washing machine broke – the seal had split – well not so much split but punctured by the one of those metal bits from my wife’s bra! So in order to save a few pennies on call out charges I thought I would have a go at fixing it myself and went online to find somewhere that supplied the part. I found a company that not only sold the spare parts but also had a video on their website showing you how to fix it! Confident that it was straight forward enough to fix having watched the video I ordered the part from them and then when it arrived I used the video to fix it! I would definitely visit their website again. 

So if you have a website and been wondering whether or not a video would be a useful addition then I can most definitely say it would and not just because I produce them but because it encouraged me to buy from that particular supplier. Prices start from as little as £300. Have a look at our portfolio page for examples of some of the work we have done or give us a call and have a chat.



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I run my own professional video production company based in the North West of England...I'm lucky that I get to do what I love for work!

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