Create a Web Video Using | Still Images | Photographs

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Create a Web Video Using | Still Images | Photographs

Do you want a web video but don’t have anything you can film?

We can help by creating a web video from your photographs or product images.Take a look at the web video below – this was produced for our client using a mixture of photographs and graphic images of their products.

Product Promotion Video Created from Still Images.

This is a great example of a video that could be used on a website to drive traffic to the site and it actually just contains photos. This one is actually being used in Holland to promote the product in supermarkets but you can easily adapt it for any scenario. If you would like to create a video using this method which is a relatively cheap way to obtain a web video then email or gives us a call. You can find our contact details here.


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I run my own professional video production company based in the North West of England...I'm lucky that I get to do what I love for work!

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